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Old Game Minus

  Some of you Explorers truly are gluttons for punishment! I mean, really. It’s not enough that we sent you across the universe in a shoddily-made, poorly-maintained, rusted out husk of a ship and provided you with none of the equipment you’d need for your mission or even THE FUEL TO GO HOME? Man of […]

Coming Soon: Photo Mode Upgrades

Good news, intrepid Explorer!  Kindred HQ has been absolutely blown away by your hard work and progress charting the stars and probing the unexplored corners of our infinite universe. Since Kindred studies have repeatedly shown that explorers with a creative outlet are 20% less likely to succumb to Space Madness, we have decided to reward […]

First Screenshots on Epic Store!

We’re delighted to officially announce that Journey to The Savage Planet will be offered first on the Epic Store with timed exclusivity—along with PS4 and Xbox One releases—and our game page there is now officially live! Why not pop over and check it out? We’ve released our first screenshots there, some of which you can see […]

Visitors From Inside Xbox!

  During a downpour of the most brutal snow a Montreal winter can muster, a team from Xbox HQ made the arduous journey to check out Journey to The Savage Planet! Interviews and b-roll were recorded during their two day shoot, and they even had a chance to get to know Kindred’s enigmatic President and CEO, Martin […]

Available Now: Early Supporter T-Shirts!

We’re so excited to have finally announced our first project: Journey To The Savage Planet! The team here at Typhoon Studios has been pouring their hearts into building this wacky space adventure, and we’re absolutely thrilled to see it received positively during our big reveal during The Game Awards. While we aren’t quite yet ready […]

Introducing Journey to The Savage Planet!

Finally, the veil of secrecy has been lifted on our first project! Behold, in all its glory, the first glimpse of Journey to The Savage Planet — a game we’ve been working on tirelessly for almost two years now. Journey to the Savage Planet is an upbeat first-person adventure game set in a bright and colorful […]

S*** We Got In The Mail: Vol. 2

The mail never stops (except when Canada Post is on strike)! The team has been working away like crazy on its secret game as we get ready to pull back the curtain and reveal it to the world in the very near future. In the meantime, here’s another look at the interesting stuff we regularly […]

464th Best Video Game Employer in Canada

Typhoon Studios is honored to have been rated the 464th Best Video Game Employer in Canada! Based on a thorough and in-depth analysis of our work culture, employee satisfaction, bathroom quality and availability of coffee and bananas, industry experts have determined that we have met the requirements to receive the prestigious “mostly safe workplace” classification. […]


While we take our work very seriously here at Typhoon, we’re just as serious about building a healthy, positive environment in our humble office. As a young, independent studio, it’s important to us that we seize the opportunity to create an internal culture we can be proud of. On top of enjoying things like weekly fresh […]

S*** We Got In The Mail: Vol. 1

Welcome to the inaugural edition of S*** We Got In The Mail – a semi-regular blog feature exclusively dedicated to highlighting some of the “interesting” deliveries we receive here in the Typhoon office. From stockpiles of snacks to obscure cheese review blog t-shirts, we’ve got it all! You can learn a lot about people from […]