Introducing Typhoon Studios

Introducing Typhoon Studios

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Hello world! We’re Typhoon Studios: an independent game studio based in beautiful Montreal, Quebec and comprised of passionate, enthusiastic game developers. We’ve gathered around a shared goal of building something fun and special, without the creative constraints that come with mega-budget, blockbuster game development.


My name is Denis, Community Manager here in the studio, and I will serve as your personal tour guide to all things Typhoon (see the highly flattering picture of me below). As our amazing team continues to chip away at its super secret project, I pledge to be there every step of the way shoving a camera in their faces for your amusement.


Me and my best friend


For many of us here in the studio, autonomy of design was something we’d craved for many years – the freedom to fully explore new game concepts is essential to creating a truly memorable gameplay experience. While the rigidity inherent to AAA game development is great for ensuring a team can deliver massive, highly-polished games at a fast pace, the opportunity to really experiment with new ideas is often lost in the process.


Without these restrictions and bureaucracy, and with the right group of highly talented industry veterans, our co-founders were certain they could build something unique and wonderful. Something without loot boxes. Something without 100 players and an ever-shrinking laser wall. Something set in a world with more colours than brown and more characters than space marines and muscly-swordy-fantasy-type dudes. Something awesome.


Unfortunately, for many years, this dream loomed just slightly out of reach. Attaining this level of absolute creative freedom would require the forging of a completely new, independent studio – a lofty and risky prospect.


The team talking seriously about something very important, I’m sure


Cue jarring mid-season time jump to the far-flung future of 2017: a time where cars can fly, boards can hover, and the timing was finally perfect. Ready, willing and able, our co-founders Alex Hutchinson (Creative Director), Reid Schneider (Executive Producer) and Yassine Riahi (Technical Director) took the bold plunge into independence – Just like that, Typhoon Studios was born into the world.


Like any mighty storm, things began small and escalated fast. Armed with a combined wealth of AAA industry wisdom – as well as a passion for creating new and unique gameplay experiences – our heroic co-founders brought Typhoon Studios into the world kicking and screaming. What started as a simple idea rapidly evolved into a full game concept, and just as quickly the pieces began falling into place. A team of highly motivated programmers, artists, animators and designers – equally hungry to work on something fresh – was assembled, a valuable publishing partnership was formed with 505 Games, and Typhoon was off to a blazing start.


If you’ll join me, I can promise a good, consistent flow of updates about our studio’s journey, our ridiculously talented developers, and – eventually – our super cool game! Part of our commitment to creating exciting new experiences is a desire to form a meaningful connection with our audience – that means you, dear reader! While I’d love to just start gushing about all the cool stuff we’re currently working on here, the lid must sadly be kept on for just a while longer. Rest assured, the goal to create something unique is alive and well, and we think you’ll be very excited by what we’re able to share with you in the future. For now, I invite you to join us on our epic journey by following us here on this here blog. You can also catch us posting regularly on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. Maureen Chatfield says:

    Alex. Your Aunt and cousins in Australia very proud of what you have achieved. Goodluck with your company Typhoon .

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