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Gameplay Programmer

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Job Description

Gameplay Programmers are versatile generalists who focus on the “feel” of a game. However, they will inevitably be involved with the more specialized areas of the game’s development, such as AI, Animation, Combat, and Physics. Gameplay programmers implement a variety of features such as combat mechanics, player activities, RPG Systems and NPC behaviors that contribute to the overall player experience.


– Partner with the designers and artists to bring gameplay to life;

– Contribute to the design process of gameplay features;

– Prototyping and refining gameplay features;

– Creating base gameplay system and tools for the designers to extend;

– Ensuring that game technologies are well designed, and optimal in terms of CPU and memory consumption.


– Minimum of 2-3 years of technical experience in the video game or other software industry;

– Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent training and professional experience;

– Proficiency with C++ and experience in object-oriented design and implementation;

– Experience architecting and/or implementing A.I., character control, path finding, multiplayer, or other gameplay-related systems;

– Demonstrated knowledge of good software programming practices;

– Excellent detail-oriented, problem solving skills – must be able to quickly identify issues and resolve them.

– An ideal candidate would have shipped a PC or Console title;

– Avid gamer with a passion for creating top-quality games.