Senior Systems Engineer

Senior Systems Engineer

Typhoon Studios > Senior Systems Engineer


– Write C/C++ code, with a deep knowledge of systems;

– Work closely with engineers, designers, artists, and animators to make something great;

– Fix tricky bugs and solve complex problems;

– Proactively identify and deal with issues;

– Create a game with fast, responsive controls and fluid gameplay.


– Passion for making and playing games;

– 5+ years of experience writing code in a game development environment;

– Extraordinary C/C++ skills;

– Strong interest in all parts of the code base;

– Experience with multi-threaded programming;

– Excellent math skills;

– Experience with large code bases and you have the ability to work on code that you didn’t write;

– Experience with optimizing code and data to improve both memory consumption and execution speed;

– Console programming experience on a AAA game;

– Minimum four years professional experience as an engineer on a game team;

– Computer Science degree preferred.